Who is Frank?

Innovative, creative, and passionate about leadership, Frank currently works for NASA as Global Market PR Manager. Likewise, he is a speaker focused on working with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to help them boost their professional brands by adding a combination of sales and marketing tools with fundamentals of “Team Development”, the Disney culture and the concept of Service of Excellence.


My mission

Provide my personal knowledge and experiences to help others achieve their goals and dreams the Disney way.

My story

After spending nearly a decade working in PR and Marketing for multi-million dollar hotel and startup brands, I founded my own consulting firm focused on helping the hospitality industry by driving real conversions, sold-out launches and creating successful public relations campaigns.

Our company believes that the true difference between an excellent service and others is the quality of the connection with the people we try to help and how well we communicate our understanding to them.

The Disney way

One of the Key Elements of Success in Disney’s strategy is the Concept: Magic. Disney creates and implements Magic in each part of every company process, that is why this is one of the main pillars that I teach and transmit in my role as Disney Facilitator, I am the trusted and authoritative voice in conveying the Disney approach to creating customer experience.

One of my main objectives is to help you understand how you can implement this Magic in your own company, interconnecting the different components that define the culture of your organization: selection of employees, training, communication and care. Every element of the process is crucial to creating and implementing a culture that fosters employee engagement and differentiates your business from its competitors.


Frank served as a cast member for the Walt Disney Company Parks Resort from 2005 to 2020. Bachelor of Marketing and Operations Economics from Baruch College CUNY University in New York. Harvard Business School Certified in “Disruptive Leadership”. Cornell University Certification in Revenue and Sales & Marketing in Hospitality. Also certified by Disney Institute in: Quality of Service, Employee Engagement and Leadership. Frank actualmente trabaja para la NASA como Gerente Global de Relaciones Públicas y Marketing.

My life in photos and videos